I am sorry, but Dane's Lawn Mower Repair is closing. You can call 304-523-4075 if needed... Thanks for the support all of these years..... Dane.....

Update 28 Jan 2016      
I want to thank everyone who came to our shop for their equipment needs in 2015. We did a lot of business last year and I expect this year to be even better. Word is really getting around about the shop and, so far, the amount of calls this winter picked way up compared to last. I am expecting to be slammed early this year with work.

I'm starting to get into gear for spring. I could use a little extra work and you guys should be thinking about getting prepared for the mowing season right now. There's nothing worse than waiting until spring comes and bringing your equipment in for service or repair and being told there is already a week or two backlog. I'm going to be giving my prior customers a call this week and offering them a "Winter Special" on getting their equipment serviced and ready to go. For a limited time, I am offering a 25% discount on everything except parts and taxes.  If you would like the same discount, call 304-523-6900 and I’ll be happy to work with you. 

Dane's Lawn Mower Repair has been in business since the spring of 2010. We provide a variety of services to our great customers throughout  the Huntington Tri-State area. We concentrate mainly on lawn equipment servicing, maintenance and repair. We service all major brands including Cub Cadet, Craftsman, Echo, John Deere, Husqvarna, Snapper, Troy-Bilt, MTD, Poulan, White and others. We work on Push Mowers, Riding Mowers and Zero Turn Mowers as well. We also repair Tillers, Trimmers, and Edgers. We also repair winter equipment as well, such as Chain Saws, Snow Blowers and Throwers.  

      We also take pride in the repair of Small Engines. If you have an engine for a Go-Cart, Generator, Pressure Washer, Welder, Water Pump, or something along these lines, we can help you get it going again. Whether it is a Briggs and Stratton, Kohler, Honda, Tecumseh, or other brand, we can get it running like new again.

      We take pride in our work and strive to make every customer's experience as good as it can be. Let's face it... No one likes going to a repair shop to have things done. Its inconvenient, and we understand that you have to spend the money you've worked so hard for. 

      At Dane's Lawn Mower Repair we make you the following promises:
         1. We will treat your equipment just like it were our own. We will be thorough in our work and make sure that everything                we do will be done correctly so you can get the use from your equipment that you expect. 
         2. We will always have a watchful eye and keep a lookout for problems with your equipment that you may not be aware                of. If we see a problem, we will call you and discuss the options available. We know that its a pain to load up, get to                  the shop and wait for your work to be done. The last thing we want is for you to get home after coming to our shop                    and something else break 10 minutes after you start working again. It won't hurt our feelings at all if you tell us you                    can fix the problem yourself. The main thing is that your equipment gets back in tip-top condition.
        3. We will perform the work requested as quickly as possible. Honestly, you can expect it will take somewhere around a                week for us to get your equipment back to you. We understand that the grass doesn't stop growing! We make it a                      priority to evaluate your equipment within the first 24 hours after it comes into our shop. We will do our best at that                  time to determine exactly what work needs to be done and get parts ordered if necessary. 
        4. There will never be any unexpected costs on your bill at payment time. We always make sure that everything we do to               repair your equipment is discussed beforehand and approved by you. That means staying in contact with you and                     keeping you updated of any changes we may need to make to your work order. 
        5.  When you come to pick up your equipment, we will go over all the work we have performed and show you why it was                necessary. You are always welcome to your defective parts that we have replaced if you want them. We do have a                      recycling system in place and will dispose of your old parts free of charge if you wish.
        6.  We now have our Garage up and it will be ready for business prior to mowing season. It is located on our property                    next to our home. This will allow for a great range of flexibility as far as you dropping off and picking up your                              equipment. We don't want to be working late in the evening but if we need to do so to support your schedule, it is                      possible. If you call us, it will ring at our home as well. If you need to call after hours, please do so. If we are home, we              will probably answer. Please use discretion though and no calls before 7am or after 8pm.  

Thank you very much and we look forward to working with you!
Dane Beckett - Owner

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     We are happy to provide Lawn Mower Repair and Sharpening and Small Engine Repair to the following areas: The complete Tri-State Area including Huntington, WV - Lavalette, WV - Ona, WV -  Barboursville, WV - Milton, WV - Westmoreland, WV - Kenova, WV - Ceredo, WV - Wayne, WV - Proctorville, OH - Chesapeake, OH - Ironton, OH - South Point, OH - Burlington, OH - Ashland, KY - Catlettsburg, KY - Cannonsburg, KY - Louisa, KY

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We provide Pick-up and Delivery Service if needed!